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Iguana Island, Pedasi

In this portal we guide you to organize your tour.

We are not a tour operator.  We do not organize tours or accommodation.

Here you will find the results of more than 20 years of research, environmental education and cooperation with the authorities in the management of the Isla Iguana Wildlife Refuge, with the intention of generating important information for visitors, students and the general public who wants to know about Iguana Island. 

Dia de la Tierra


Isla Iguana Pedasi

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The El Niño event that is still forming in the tropical Pacific could wipe out the coral reefs of the Gulf of Panama. On July 21, 2023, sea surface temperature on Iguana Island was 32.4 °C; 4 °C above normal conditions. We observed massive coral bleaching. White corals are still alive. If they do not recover the microscopic algae that they expelled from their cells due to the high temperatures, they will die in the coming months.

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isla iguana

How was Isla Iguana formed?  

Simulation  of sea level rise  after the last Ice Age.

Currents and upwelling.

Localización Isla Iguana
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  General data:

  • Island area = 58.5 ha

  • Wildlife Refugee Area = 651 ha

  • Surrounded by +40 ha of coral reefs

  • Covered by Tropical Dry Forest

Species of:

  •   Corals = 17

  •   Fish = 347

  • Marine invertebrates >200

  • Birds = 62

  • Terrestrial reptiles = 6

  • Sea turtles = 3

  • Marine mammals = 7

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