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Station 4:
The Visitor Center


Go up the hill to your left. The concrete block path will guide you to the  Visitors Center. From here you can see the best view of El Cirial beach and its coral reef.

nature trail
centro visitantes isla iguana

The Visitor Center houses the  exhibition
"ISLA IGUANA Wildlife Refuge"

The exhibition shows a map with the attractions of the island on an aerial photograph, seabirds and marine resources and the underwater world.

exhibicion isla iguana
iguana island exhibit
iguana island exhibition
exhbicion coral
coral exhibit
isla iguana pedasi


Diaz Villani, Marco Lisandro. 2005. Isla Iguana Wildlife Refuge: Field Guide. Illustrations by María Gabriella Díaz de Restrepo and Juan Sucre. 2a  Edison. Panama: Post Depot Press. 70 pages. 593.6 D542.

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