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Series:  Iguana Island Voices

Voices of Isla Iguana: the participants of the 2nd Management Workshop of the Isla Iguana Wildlife Refuge give their testimony. Dictated by Marco L. Díaz V. at the CEFATI of Pedasí and Isla Iguana, from September 19-21, 2003, assisted by a group of young divers, rescuers from SINAPROC and the RED CROSS. Workshop coordinator: Eduardo Moscoso. Sponsored by the Environmental Investment Fund (FOIAMBI) and the Iguana Island Project of Fundación PANAMA. Between August and December 2003, 6 workshops were held. They began with the Friday dinner, where the participants got to know each other and expressed their expectations; Saturday was devoted to theory through lectures and educational games; and on Sunday the island was explored. The participants learned to interpret the path and through snorkeling they submerged themselves in the reef. 158 people were trained, including teachers, tourism students, fishermen, tour guides, entrepreneurs, ANAM, IPAT, local authorities, from Pedasí, Pocrí, Tonosí, Las Tablas, Guararé, La Villa, Chitré, Penonomé and Ciudad de Panama; 24 participants did not know how to swim and 8 were boarding a boat for the first time.

millo cedeño

Voices of Isla Iguana: Emilio (Millo) Cedeño, fisherman from Pedasí.

Posted on 21-Aug-2020.

voces de isla iguana

Iguana Island Voices: Yanaris Aguirre,  from Pedasi; and Euripides Galactica,  Finance Director of ANAM Las Tablas 1999-2004.

Posted on 28-Aug-2020.

voces de isla iguana

Voices of Isla Iguana: Dayana Ríos, Administrator of the Pedasí Infoplaza; and Beatriz Lara, professor of Biology and Tourism at the Manuel María Tejada Roca School in Las Tablas.

Posted on 4-Sep-2020.

voces de isla iguana

Voices of Isla Iguana: Maritza Cano, student of Education in Las Tablas; and Enrique Herrera, broadcaster and fisherman in Pedasí.

Posted on 13-Sep-2020.

voces de isla iguana

Voices from Isla Iguana: René Montenegro, Economist from Las Tablas; and Bertilda de Gutierrez, Education student.

Posted on 18-October-2020

voces de isla iguana

Voices of Isla Iguana: Javier Juarez, Business Administrator of Las Tablas; and Ana Karina Rodriguez, Sculptor from Pedasí.

Posted on 25-October-2020.

voces de isla iguana

Voices of Isla Iguana: Leonel Ureña, fisherman; and Leila González, a student from Las Tablas.

Published on 1-November-2020.

Elvis Abel Edibaldo.png

Voices of Isla Iguana: Elvis Batista, student and fisherman from Pedasí; Abel Campos, student from Pedasí and Edibaldo Hernández, Farmer from Pedasí.

Posted on 8-November-2020

voces de isla iguana

Voices of Isla Iguana: Yelenis Nieto, Education student, Delkis Vergara, CEFATI Pedasí and Yelena Delgado, Education student.

Posted on 27-Nov-2020

voces de isla iguana

Voices of Isla Iguana: Juan Carlos Quintero, Electronics Technician and Lifeguard of the Workshops, María de Campo and Ariel Ballesteros, carriers.

Posted on 10-December-2020

voces de isla iguana

Voices from Isla Iguana: Roberto González, from Las Tablas; Y  Eira Herrera, from Santo Domingo , Secondary school teachers.

Posted on 21-March-2022.

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