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plan your tour

We are NOT a tour operator. We do not organize tours or accommodation.

On this page we guide you to organize your tour.


Reserve one or more boats.

We recommend the following skipers, which set sail from El Bajadero beach, in Pedasí.

  • Emilio Cedeno (Millo). Cell 6682 4599

  • Irving Barahona. Cell 6681 5816.

  • Leonel Urena. Cell 6500 4898.

  • Mimin Barahona. Cell 6500 4898

Download the list of hotels, restaurants, taxis and other services at the following link.

There are no hotels or restaurants on the island.

Calices 02.jpg

What to bring?

Short y sandalias.png
  • Light clothing : shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops or  sandals . Leave an extra change of clothes in the car to change into when you return. In the Bajadero there are paying showers to remove the salt.

  • Slippers or sandals with good soles to walk the trail as there are many thorns along the way.

  • Hat or cap .

  • Bathing dress .

  • Towel or chamois , like the ones used to dry cars. squeeze it and  will keep  drying... always.

Protector solar.png
  • Sunscreen  with the protection of your choice. Use it every 2 hours.

  • Caladril or some other cream with calamine in case of jellyfish stings .

  • Water, drinks and ice . It is forbidden to bring liquor and they check the coolers when disembarking. There is no drinking water on the island.

  • light foods , such as  sandwiches,  chopped and fruit.

  • Ziplocks or waterproof bags to place cell phones, keys, wallet, cameras. Everything that goes on the  boat will be prone to getting wet. Float for snorkeling or swimming board.

Papel Higienico.png
  • Toilet paper.


mascotas en isla iguana

Pets are prohibited on the island as they can harm the local fauna


the boats are  sleeves  7.6 m (25') handcrafted, without a roof, an ice cove in the center and they have life jackets. Wear it at all times.

pesca deportiva

In the Wildlife Refuge sport fishing is allowed outside the coral areas.​

Musica alta prohibida.png
Licor prohibo.png
No Fumar.png

On the island it  forbids  consuming alcoholic beverages, smoking and listening to music with  volume  loud or make noise.

  • Snorkeling equipment (mask, snorkel and  fins) , t-shirt and pants  lycra or fabric, preferably long sleeves . The best of Isla Iguana is underwater, in its coral reefs. At a shallow depth you can enjoy corals, multicolored fish and other marine organisms.

  • Float for snorkeling or swimming board. It ties a rope and will give children more security. How to use it is described on the "Snorkel Sites" page.

  • This equipment or clothing is NOT rented on the island.

Flotador chorizo.png
Calices 02.jpg


The boarding is El Bajadero, on El Arenal beach, about 5 minutes from Pedasí.

Please agree with your boatman on the boarding time.

el bajadero pedasi

View of El Bajadero, on El Arenal beach

el arenal pedasi

View of Iguana Island from El Bajadero.

The island is 15 to 20 minutes away, depending on the weather and sea conditions.

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