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Station 11:
The Panama Tree


Continue the trail until you leave Uvita, you will come across a tangle of vegetation. These are the creepers.

Ubicacion E11 Arbol Pma.png
071027 IsIg (11).jpg

The Panama Tree is one of the largest on the island

A clearing is reached where a Panama tree stands majestically, a symbol of our nationality.

flora isla iguana
iguana island flora

This is another ideal place to take a group photo.

Before you get to the tree, jump on several spots and you will feel the soft ground. Next to this tree was one of the rice plots of Minsín and Gringa. You can display the map of the Minsín and Gringa era by clicking on the following link.

isla iguana flora

To the west of the Panama tree there is a path that leads to the banana plantation. This trail is not open to the general public.


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