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Iguana Island: 20 years of Research (1987-2007)
Azuero Ecological Project December 15, 2012


Description of the original vegetation and the events that modified it to what we have today.

Birds and terrestrial reptiles sighted, inhabit or nest in Isla Iguana.

Description  of the 17 species of corals identified in Isla Iguana and the coastal waters of Pedasí.

Coral communities, reef ecology, year, thickness and other data.

How was Isla Iguana formed?  Simulation  of sea level rise  after the last Ice Age. Currents, outcrop.

What  behave  in Isla Iguana and why!

Recognition of donors, volunteers and people who have contributed to the project.


Conversation organized by the  Ministry of the Environment, on May 18, 2020.

Tour of the "Iguana Island" Exhibition

universidad las tablas

1st tour of the Isla Iguana Exhibition during its inauguration at the National University in Las Tablas, on March 11, 2004.

Workshops: Iguana Island Management

june - december  2003 Environmental Investment Fund (FOIAMBI)


I know  list  8  beginning  basics  for  what  a  exercise  tour  be  considered organic.

Eco-tourism resources are identified and  Panama's advantages over other countries.

be differences  the activities that can be carried out, emphasizing the importance of the quality of the guide, through a game with the participants.

manejo isla iguana

When describing all the activities that take place on the island, the environmental disorder and uncontrolled tourism that occurs are shown, which shows that it is  essential  a zoning and regulations to order the human presence, its activities and conserve resources.

plan de manejo isla iguana

When the zoning and regulation proposal is assembled, the harmful activities disappear and the human presence on the island is ordered, which will allow a  best  site management.

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