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Díaz V. Marco L. April 20, 2007. List of Corals.  Biological Inventory of the Isla Iguana Wildlife Refuge, the Southeastern Coast of the Azuero Peninsula and the Gulf of Panama. 

4 mares de panama

Díaz V., Marco L. 2005. Marine and Coastal Ecosystems of Panama. PA.NA.MA Foundation University of Panama, Extension Vice-Rectory. Diploma in Management of Environmental Tourism Companies with an Emphasis on Bird Watching. 37 pages. Pages 6-18 to 6-30.

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isla iguana

Díaz V., Marco L. Analysis of the uses of resources and activities carried out in the Isla Iguana Wildlife Refuge. Prepared for the Annual Evaluation Workshop of the Isla Iguana Wildlife Refuge, organized by the National Environmental Authority. PA.NA.MA Foundation November 19, 2004. 15 pages.

manejo corales

Diaz V., Marco L.   1994.  Environmental Analysis of Contamination by Domestic Garbage in the Coastal-Marine Ecosystem and in the Fisheries of the Pedasí Region (Province of Los Santos).   Final Report Draft.   PROMAR Foundation.   October 21, 1994.   230 pages Pages 3-15 to 3-24.

basura coral

Diaz V., Marco L.   1992.  Conservation projects in the Iguana Island Wildlife Refuge.   VIII National Scientific Congress.   University of Panama, February 19-21, 1992.   Abstract No. 172.

coral reefs

Diaz V., Marco L.   1992.  coral reefs.   NOTARACT: Supplement, Information Bulletin, West Panama ROTARACT Club.   September-October 1992: 6 p.

arrecifes de coral
impactos turismo

Díaz, Marco L. 2001. The Impact of Tourism on Panamanian Forests and Reefs. In  Panama: Biological Bridge.  Publisher: Stanley Heckadon.  Pages 214-219.

Guzmán, Héctor M., Robertson, D. Ross & Díaz, Marco L.  1991.   Distribution and abundance of corals in the reef of the Isla Iguana Wildlife Refuge, Panama Pacific.   Rev. Biol. Trop., 39(2): 225-231.

arrecife isla iguana

Diaz, Marco L., and Rodrigo Coloane. 1996. Iguana Island: Wildlife Refuge. Prepared for Iguana Tours.

coral isla iguana

Sotomayor, Gretchen. 1994. Destruction and restoration of coral reefs. Bulletin  STRI information.

repoblacion coral

Guzman, Hector. 1993. Transplanting coral to restore reefs in the Eastern Pacific. STRI Informative Bulletin Supplement. 2-July-1993.

coral repopulation

La Fragata, GRUCOPE Newsletter, Vol. 2 No. 3. Pages 2-3

repoblando coral

La Fragata, GRUCOPE Informative Bulletin, Vol. 2 No. 4. News: page 6.

coral isla iguana

La Fragata, GRUCOPE Information Bulletin, Vol. 2 No. 5. Editorial: pages 1-2.

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