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The Interpretive Trail

"In the footsteps of Minsín and Gringa"

sendero isla iguana

Following the path, we will interpret the terrestrial and coastal habitats, the history, archeology and geology of the island, and the research, environmental education and management actions undertaken by the author. After registering your visit at the Casa del Guardaparque and placing your belongings in the bohío or under the trees, you will be ready to start the trail.

We recommend wearing slippers, sandals or flip-flops with good soles as there are many thorns along the trail. Watch where you step.

The groups must be of a maximum of 12 people to reduce the impact on the trail.

The first station is located on the brown rocky coastline,  together  in front of the House of the Ranger.

isla iguana

Click on the interpretive station you want to visit

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