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DE1-22 Amplia limites.png

DE2-22: Resolution Executive Decree 1 of February 2, 2022, which subrogates Executive Decree 20 of June 15, 1981, which declares Isla Iguana Wildlife Refuge, in the province  Of the Saints. Official Digital Gazette 29468-B of February 2, 2022.

DE20-81 RVS Isla Iguana.png

DE20-81: Executive Decree No. 20 of June 15, 1981; by which Isla Iguana, in the Province of Los Santos, is declared a Wildlife Refuge. Official Gazette 21235 of February 20, 1989.

pablo barrios

AM4-92: Municipal Agreement No. 4 of February 11, 1992; whereby a sector of the area and coastline of the District of Pedasí is declared a Wildlife Refuge. Official Gazette 22148 of October 21, 1992.

reglamento isla iguana

R26-07: Resolution AG-0026-2007, of January 24, 2007, which regulates the land use of the Iguana Island Wildlife Refuge Protected Area. Official Gazette 25757, of Monday, March 26, 2007.


DE29-94: Executive Decree No. 29, of June 24, 1994; through which the capture and export of fish associated with coral areas is prohibited. Official Gazette 22576 of July 11, 1994.


R33-93: Resolution 33 of September 28, 1993, through which measures are issued on the wildlife of Panama. (Prohibits extraction and export of marine coral species at the national level for commercial purposes, alive or dead, except for scientific purposes). Official Gazette 22430 of December 10, 1993.

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