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Station 15:
The lighthouse


Walk to the opposite end of the beach. You will find a path that climbs as if by a rustic staircase in the basalt. It will then descend into a depression and climb back up to a promontory where the Iguana Island Lighthouse used to be. This depression is  crater  from a bomb dropped in World War II. We will deal with this topic in Station 16.

senderismo isla iguana
faro isla iguana

The Lighthouse marked the entrance to the Gulf of Panama for ships en route to and from the Canal

Located on the highest terrace of the island, on the Playita del Faro, it could be seen from several nautical miles offshore from the East, North and South. The ships approaching the entrance to the Gulf of Panama triangulated the Iguana Island lighthouse with those of Punta Mala, Frailes and  I touched  to locate the navigation route to the Panama Canal.

light house isla iguana
isla iguana light house
navegacion isla iguana
iguana island light house

Playing cards were introduced at the beginning of this century.  nautical  integrated satellite GPS systems ( abbreviations in English of " Global Position System"), which graphically show the location of vessels with great precision. The lighthouses are no longer necessary as they are digitally marked on the nautical charts and they were no longer maintained, losing the structure.

This is the ideal place to install a bird and whale watching tower.

navigation to iguana island
el faro


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