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Existing infrastructure on Iguana Island

isla iguana
isla iguana

As soon as you get off the boat, you must register your visit at the Ranger's House, at the northern end of El Cirial beach.

Here they will give you information about the facilities on the island and what you can and cannot do.

bohio isla iguana

After registering at the Casa del Guardaparque, choose a spot in the public Bohío or in the small bohíos in front of it or under the trees between these two structures.

There are no tables or chairs.


The camping area is between the bohío and the Casa del Guardaparque. However, due to the pandemic, camping is not allowed on the island at this time.

playa isla iguana
playa el cirial
isla iguana pedasi

The hygienic toilets are not working. There is a latrine behind the Ranger's House. You must bring your toilet paper.

isla iguana pedasi
exhibicion coral

The Visitor Center offers a beautiful view of El Cirial beach and houses the Iguana Island Wildlife Refuge Exhibit. It is one of the stops on the route of the 

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