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peces de isla iguana

Regional, scientific and English name of some of the species of fish and turtles frequently observed in Talud El Cirial.

Filmed on 24-Aug-2013

Posted on 24-May-2020

corales de isla iguana

Photographs of the 17 species of corals identified in Isla Iguana and the coastal marine waters of Pedasí.

Posted on 30-May-2020.

guia regalon

Environmental education technique to show the public why they should not take anything from Isla Iguana.



Filmed on March 11, 2004.

Keynote Conference for the Inauguration of the Isla Iguana Exhibition, at the University of Las Tablas.

Posted on 5-June-2020

ancla sobre el coral

Environmental game to demonstrate to the public the impacts produced by an anchor or walking on the coral.

Filmed during the Isla Iguana Management Workshops, execution of the FOIAMBI project, on the following dates:

Workshop 2: 19-September-2003.

Workshop 4: 15-November-2003.

Workshop 5: 22-November-2003.

Posted on 12-June-2020.

peces isla iguana

Regional, scientific and English name of some of the species of fish and turtles frequently observed in the reef lagoon, in front of El Cirial beach.

Filmed on 16-Sep-2016 and  3-September-2019.

Published on 19-June-2020.

aves pedasi

As a tribute to the great TOTO, Pablo Barrios, my first diving partner in Isla Iguana, we started  this series of video clips with the 1st of various parts of Las Aves del Refugio de Vida Silvestre Pablo Barrios. TOTO, always in our hearts.

The scenes were  filmed  between 1988 and 2018.

Posted on 10-July-2020.


Meet Argelis, La Carey who is the Queen of Laguna El Cirial, on Isla Iguana, Pedasí.

The scenes were filmed in September 2018 on Isla Iguana.

Posted on 25-July-2020

el niño

Explanation of the neutral situation and comparison of the El Niño and La Niña phenomena. Excerpt from the Conference on Climate Change and its effects in Panama, given by Marco L. Díaz V. at the University of Panama, Las Tablas Campus, on Oct 18, 2018.

Posted on 7-October-2020

red fantasma

Rescue of a ghost net on Isla Trapiche and its effects on the coral and associated fauna, Pearl Island, Las Perlas Archipelago, on 18-Sep-2018 and 17-Dec-2020.

Published on 9-February-2021.


The El Niño event that is still forming in the tropical Pacific could wipe out the coral reefs of the Gulf of Panama. On July 21, 2023, sea surface temperature on Iguana Island was 32.4 °C; 4 °C above normal conditions. We observed massive coral bleaching. White corals are still alive. If they do not recover the microscopic algae that they expelled from their cells due to the high temperatures, they will die in the coming months.

Blanqueamiento 2023-br.png
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