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Watching whales and dolphins

Isla Iguana is the ideal place to observe cetaceans, especially between June and October

ballenas panama
ballenas pedasi

The Yubartas or Humpbacks (Megaptera novaengliae) can be seen near the island. They travel from the South Pole to mate, give birth, and prepare their pups for the journey back to Antarctica. They start arriving in June and stay until October. The months of greatest abundance are August and September.

ballenas isla iguana
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For his  safety  and that of the whales,  stay  250 meters or more. These marine mammals reach 15 meters and exceed 35 tons.

Follow the sighting rules and require your boatman to follow them.

sighting rules

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Help scientists study them

The fins of cetaceans have fingerprints, scars and distinctive shapes that differentiate them as  individuals. Pictures of their tails allow scientists to track their migrations. 

ballenas avistamiento pedasi
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