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Station 15:
The Little Beach of the Lighthouse


Go down the coast to the Playita del Faro. Be careful, the rocks wet from the tide seem safe but are very slippery. It's a good place to take a dip and cool off from the heat of the trail. BEWARE: this beach gets deep very quickly and there are sometimes hangovers. Avoid bathing alone, do not stray from the shore and do not neglect children.

sendero isla iguana
playita del faro

The Playita del Faro is surrounded by basalt and dense vegetation

isla iguana

View from the Lighthouse. 2003.

playas isla iguana

On the opposite basaltic wall you will see Lilies that bloom in March and April, when the rains begin, which give a touch of freshness to the landscape.

beaches isla iguana

Sea turtles do not nest on Iguana Island. They can be seen underwater frequently

In 20 years of research only four (4) nests were recorded. One on El Cirial beach, next to the ranch, and three on the Faro beach. This is not enough to consider these to be nesting beaches.

However, four (4) species of turtles can be seen swimming or mating around  the island or diving in all the coral communities around the island.


Argelis, the Queen of Cirial, is a Hawksbill turtle that permanently inhabits the El Cirial reef. The first time we saw it was in 1989. We have seen it grow and we can distinguish it by the scar from a bite of a  shark  in the part of  behind its shell, on the right side.

tortuga isla iguana

Click on the photo or title to start the 3-minute video clip.  

Meet Argelis, La Carey who is the Queen of Laguna El Cirial, on Isla Iguana, Pedasí.

The scenes were filmed in September 2018 on Isla Iguana.

Posted on 25-July-2020


Diaz Villani, Marco Lisandro. 2005. Isla Iguana Wildlife Refuge: Field Guide. Illustrations by María Gabriella Díaz de Restrepo and Juan Sucre. 2a  Edison. Panama: Post Depot Press. 70 pages. 593.6 D542.​​

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